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A serious introduction….


  Oi, you there, listen up , i am about to explain to you my reasons for this blog. I am an avid reader and watcher, i love moovies, media, and am quite meticulous about my music. Some interesting themes in music and film, all of which i want to speak about and document in our ever changing society.. This idea came to me a few weeks ago as i was always reading conspiracy blogs and had never actually put time into creating my own. So voila..


In the moment, i am thinking about stanley kubrick ,and his green screen technology. I am thinking about the connection between previous false flag attacks on the west and updated modern cinema technology.. It has came leaps and bounds from the days of Apollo 11


point 1… James Foley Execution in HD –

Its not usual that these snuff movies come out in HD and they are usually recorded in dim light areas from low end technology and most of the time, secure and hidden from prying eyes. Make up your own minds..


point 2 – ISIS – Christians – JEWS

It would seem like there is little that connects these three but in reality there is much similarities between how these religious organizations are conceived and maintained.